Research Areas

Cancer Genomics

  1. Develop computational tools to quantify and classify the impact of carcinogenetic processes, particularly non-mutagenic processes including ROS and obesity, on the epigenome
  2. Understand the genomic landscape of radiation induced cancers

Inflammation and oxidative stress in cancer initiation and progression

  1. Examine mechanisms of cellular and interindividual heterogeneity in DNA damage and repair in response to reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  2. Identify therapeutic avenues that can modulate ROS carcinogenesis

Fasting and metabolic modulation of radiation response

  1. Evaluate metabolic approaches including lifestyle modification to mitigating radiotoxicity
  2. Develop non-invasive biomarkers that monitor their efficacy in patients undergoing pelvic radiotherapy.
  3. Understand the role of radiation therapy on the gut and urothelial microbiome