What We Are Reading

Ordered and deterministic cancer genome evolution after p53 loss

(Baslan et al. 2022)

Personalized microbiome-driven effects of non-nutritive sweeteners on human glucose tolerance

(Suez et al. 2022)

Ectopic JAK–STAT activation enables the transition to a stem-like and multilineage state conferring AR-targeted therapy resistance

(Deng et al. 2022)

The evolutionary dynamics of extrachromosomal DNA in human cancers

(Lange et al. 2022)

Spatially resolved clonal copy number alterations in benign and malignant tissue

(Erickson et al. 2022)

Intermittent Calorie Restriction Delays Prostate Tumor Detection and Increases Survival Time in TRAMP Mice

(Bonorden et al. 2009)

Effect of intermittent fasting on prostate cancer tumor growth in a mouse model

(Thomas II et al. 2010)

Organoid cultures derived from patients with advanced prostate cancer

(Gao et al. 2014)

Identification of multipotent luminal progenitor cells in human prostate organoid cultures

(Karthaus et al. 2014)

Establishment of a dog primary prostate cancer organoid using the urine cancer stem cells

(Usui et al. 2017)