Recent Publications


Dietary Interventions in Cancer Treatment and Response: A Comprehensive Review (Cancers)

Mercier/Tizpa et al. 20 October 2022

Identification of Novel Loci Shared by Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Subtypes Through Integrative Genetic Analysis (Arthritis & Rheumatology)

Li et al. 20 Mar 2022

Whole transcriptome profiling of prospective endomyocardial biopsies reveals prognostic and diagnostic signatures of cardiac allograft rejection (Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation)

Piening et al. 3 Feb 2022


Pan-Cancer Survival Classification With Clinicopathological and Targeted Gene Expression Features (Cancer Informatics)

Zhao et al. 28 Jul 2021

Uncovering novel mutational signatures by de novo extraction with SigProfilerExtractor (bioRxiv)

Islam et al. 16 May 2021

ANKRD11 variants: KBG syndrome and beyond (Clinical Genetics)

Parenti et al. 5 May 2021


A compendium of mutational signatures of tumors induced by suspected human environmental carcinogens using mouse models (Nature Genetics)

Riva/Pandiri/Li et al. 28 Sep 2020

Transcriptional Mechanisms of Radioresistance and Therapeutic Implications (Applied Radiation Oncology)

Kim et al. 1 Mar 2020

Mutational signatures in tumors induced by high and low energy radiation in Trp53 deficient mice (Nature Communications)

Li et al. 20 Jan 2020

Rare copy number variants in over 100,000 European ancestry subjects reveal multiple disease associations (Nature Communications)

Li et al. 14 Jan 2020

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